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Having been a lawyer for six years, I got Lyme disease in 2010 that became chronic. Only in 2017 did I heal from it after walking many roads, but mainly through long Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreats (3 months). Sitting on your pillow, in- and exhale, meditate for 16 hours a day, a strict daily rhythm. Deep insights and thereby dissolving knots within myself. Physically and mentally. I healed. Thank God...!

Meditation has brought me more than just health. I feel more present in my own life, calmer and stronger. I make choices from a deeper perspective. Being more mindful has completely changed my life. I do the things that are important to me and let go of the rest. As a result, I feel happier and my life feels more meaningful.

Western society is so rushed. I wish everyone more peace in their lives.

Becoming a Mindfulness Trainer

Mindfulness Trainer Experience

2014-2022 Mindfulness Training for groups and individuals, in person and online

Mindfulness Training:

2013 - NL/Thailand

- Mindfulness Teacher Training, SeeTrue Mindfulness, Netherlands
- Vipassana at Dipabhavan (Koh Samui), Thailand 

2015 - Thailand/Bali/India

Intensive Yoga & Meditation (Vipassana) Training, Thailand, Bali & India 

2016-2021 - Thailand

Multiple Vipassana retreats at:
-  Wat Chom Tong (Chiang Mai)
- Indriya Retreat (Koh Phangan)
Wat Tam Wua (Pai),
Wat Suan Mokkh (Suratthani)
Wat Kow Tahm (Koh Phangan) 
Yoga Training (Koh Phangan)

2019-2022 - NL/Online

Mindfulness Advanced Teacher Training, SeeTrue Mindfulness & Centrum voor Mindfulness, Netherlands


I really enjoyed being a lawyer. I loved sifting through the chaos to find clarity.

Then coming from that clarity advising my clients.


De Boorder Schoots, Naarden-Vestingh (Family Law)


- NautaDutilh, Rotterdam/Amsterdam (Litigation/International Arbitration)

- Simmons & Simmons, Rotterdam (Litigation)


- Simmons & Simmons, Rotterdam (Litigation)
- Houthoff Buruma, Amsterdam (Litigation)

Why the name 'LovingAwareness'?

When you start meditating,

You start seeing yourself 

and the world around you 

more clearly.

When you start seeing more clearly, 

you start seeing your own 

and other people’s flaws 

more clearly as well… 

That can be very painful.

To keep your view on the world bearable, 

it is important to cultivate 

kindness and forgiveness. 

You will need your heart. 

You will need the loving awareness

of your heart to see deeply.

Good luck on your journey :-).